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Getting Started With Java

It's easy to start in java, you need to have following applications in your system to create and run java program.

1. An editor like notepad, notepad++, TextPad, etc. for windows operating system and Vim, Notepadqq, Geany etc. for linux based operating system to write the java program.


2. Any terminal like cmd, secure shell client etc. to compile and run java program.


What is terminal ?

A terminal is basically a program or software which provides a user interface where you can execute commands. For eg. CMD in Window OS and Secure Shell Client in linux based OS are terminals.

3. Java development kit(JDK). JDK is a softwares that is used in development and execution of java programs or applications. If JDK is not installed, download the latest version from Oracle JDK for respective operating system and install it in your system. Below image contains link for downloading Java SE 11.

You can download an exe or zip file of JDK from above link for windows. To install the exe, just double click on this and install in the directory where ever you want in your system. By default it get's installed in C: directory.

That's all you need to enter in the world of Java. By default Notepad and CMD is available in windows operating system. You just have to download and install JDk if not already installed. If you want to use any other editor you can download and install that in your system.

Do I need to have programming experience of C/C++ to learn java ?

Though it will definitely help you to learn java if you have some experience in these languages but it's not mandatory, you can learn java even without that.

Can't I use IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA etc. to learn java ?

Yes, you can definitely use, as these IDE's contains built in editor and commands to compile and run java programs, but for better learning, learn without IDE's because number of things happen automatically inside these IDE's.

  • Programmer should always prefer to use latest version of JDK.
  • JDK 11 and above version is free to download and use for development purposes, but not for commercial purposes.
  • Make sure to download right JDK for your operating system. If you are using windows OS, download JDK for windows, similarly for other OS, download respective JDK. Furthermore download the 32 bit JDK if your OS is 32 bit else download 64 bit JDK if your OS is 64 bit operating system.
  • Latest downloads of JDK's includes 32 and 64 bit's package's in same exe or zip file.
  • Programmers can use editors and terminals as per their choice.